How To Make A Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket!

If you have a garden, but are still missing a barbecuing space making a rocket stove would be a nice option. Rocket stoves are very easy to build and they will last a long period of time. Besides, they run n twigs, so you will be saving a lot of trees this way as you won’t have to chop all that wood that you would be using otherwise for a barbecue. A rocket stove can be made in different ways, the most popular being the ones build out of bricks. But let’s take a look at this other approach which is more DIY as you will be using a five gallon metal bucket to build the stove. This next link also provides a pdf file with instructions and you will see how easy it really is to make a rocket stove as it will be ready in less than an hour. The best part about this metal bucket stove is its portability, so you can easily move it from one place to the other. Such a great idea and a must try for everyone who would like to make barbecuing an easier activity.


Find here a PDF with full instructions

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