▶▶Worse that the Zombie Apocalypse, a Liberal Apocalypse?!! 3

(Here’s an interesting article written by an observant named Bill from Texas, and here’s the story goes…)

I was visiting Australia to meet with some NRAA folks a few months back and thought I would share my discoveries.

After my meeting I went to a town called Fitzroy and ordered a cup of joe at one of those hippy diners, sat down and updated my blog. As I lit up some pimply faced kid ran out and asked me to put out the cigarette. I then told him I was outside and smoking outside is better than smoking inside but he squirmed away and got his manager. Well imagine if you will someone that has piercings in every part of their body and holes in their ears and walks like he has a 38 up his butt. He told me that if I didnt put the cigarette out he would call the police. I felt like shoving some hard metal down his throat and telling him to F off but given I was still carrying, I thought it best not to get the local LEO’s involved because as I found out later this country doesnt permit concealed carrying. oops !

Anyway after the waiter/waitress (not sure what) brought out my second cup some people came and sat at the table next to me. This is how their order went.

“Hi Micel/Mishel. I’ll have a soy skinny latte making sure the beans are fair trade. Are you having something to eat Sarah?
“yes, I’ll have a Cherry-Strawberry Chia Seed smoothie and a Kale, quinoa and roasted pumpkin pilaf, gluten free please.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I swiped the microphone on my laptop to record and pretended to read the paper. There was Sarah, who had one of those ugly faces, dreadlocks and was always angry and there is Skye, a fat pog (this is an Australian term I believe) who was quiet spoken. What follows is a transcript of their conversation;

Sarah: “I cant believe the jacks reacted like they did today”
Skye: “he he, you did hit the cop in the face with a used tampon. No wonder he was pissed off. personally I think it went too far”
Sarah: “well the only way we will get our cause heard is if the neocon press report it. They like reporting police brutality so end justifies the means as Che would say”
Skye: “Machiavelli”
Sarah: “whatevs, Che is my hero
Skye: “How was your trip. Do you have to do much”
Sarah: “yeah, the dogs of centerlink wanted me to do a report. I told them where to go. My case worker rang me and you wouldnt believe what happened next”
Skye: “what
Sarah; “I told him that I am having trouble surviving as I have an exhibition to organise, he then told me that I might be eligible for an arts subsistance payment”
Skye: “hey did you ever get the grant from the arts council?
Sarah: “you know how I applied under the umbrella of a LGBTI art program, well the pig brandis made funding harder so I had to lobby to get what funding I got”
Skye: “how much did you get in the end”
Sarah; “Arts council – $23,000, Centerlink $5000 and we had a fundraiser at the yarra branch for a few hundred
Skye: “how are they going. I havent been for ages”
Sarah: “not too bad. Miss Christine though. They want me to put my hand up for Tanya’s seat. I tell you we are on track to getting a majority. Cant wait to oust the neocon dogs”
Skye: “f*&^ I hate abot. Wish I can see him jailed
Sarah; “yeah. I cant wait until neocons that deny climate change are jailed and anyone opposing LGBTI issues is jailed. Heard the neocons in the states have a similar law.
Skye: “what jailing climate deniers?”
Sarah: “yeah, and the sooner our motion is passed to ban all animal products the better. People are clueless how much farm animals cause climate change. Thats the problem with democracy, stupid people vote. We need resistance and some things should just be passed without votes.
Skye: “yeah like marriage equality”
Sarah; “yeah but now the f*kwit made a plebecite on the issue. I tell you anyone who votes no should be jailed for being a homophobe
Skye: “yeah, “So when are you going to run”
Sarah; “Well after my last failed attempt they promised me that I have a good chance now there is stability in the leadership. Next election.
Skye: “Sarah Bath Member of Parliament. Has a nice ring. You know you will have to get a new twitter address
Sarah; “Why whats wrong with sarahbath1975 (ed: @SarahBath1975)
Skye; “not very profesional, and your email is crappy
Sarah: “sarahbath1975@zoho.com is fine
Skye; “and your travel entitlements, you wont know yourself
Sarah: “I am only interested in whats best for this country, abolish all defence, welcome all refugees, use our navy to pick up all the refugees from the medeteranean, tax animal products and made it impossible not to change to vegan, jail climate deniers, jail homophobes, replace breeder sex education classes with LGBTI practices and make breeders the minority, tell the police to stop the persecuting people trying to help refugees, unarm the police and get them out of our lives, force them to focus on chasing climate deniers, and homophobes, nationalise every business whose aim is to make a profit and of course encourage everyone to be on a state provided welfare payment.
Skye, “nobel but will the party support them.
Sarah: “all of these have ben endorsed by the Yarras, most of them have agreement of National Council and typically I am told that “we must tread carefully, dont want to scare the public”
I am so sick of hearing that. This is why Socialist Alliance is better but the stupid democratic system means stupid people dont vote for them.
Skye: “revolution”
Sarah: “viva!!”

At this point they both left and I stopped recording at this stage. Fortunately I not only activated the microphone but I activated the video camera so keep an eye on my blog when I post the video.

When I walked back to my hotel, I couldn’t help notice that the appearance of every single person in this town. They all had the same liberal look about them and God help this country if they all share the same views as these 2 ferals.

Thank the lord almighty that we have an election due and prey to God that liberals don’t infest our country again.

Watch out for zombies but more imporantly watch out for faggy liberals.

Yours Truly,
Concern Citizen of the World

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