[How Split Matrix Works]


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It is a marketing strategy program where you can join the company just for buying 1 product1 solo account worth of $40 dollarsMultiple accounts are also allowed in this marketing program. All you have to do is to invite also 2 or more person per account of yours who will also join under you.
This was also called Board Plan a group of members works in a team in board1 and whenever a board consists a set number of members, the Board splits into two
sub-trees. The top one member will exit and go into next board (Board2).
When a SUCCESS200 affiliate buys into the compensation plan for $40 USD, they are placed in a reverse 2×3 matrix.
A reverse 2×3 matrix feeds an affiliate who has just paid their $40 USD buy-in fee, through the bottom of a 2×3 matrix.
A 2×3 matrix has fourteen positions in total, eight along the bottom, four one level up, two the next level up and one position at the top. level 3.
Commissions are paid out once the bottom level (eight positions) are all filled.
At this point 200 USD was paid on the position at the top of the matrix (LEVEL4).
And two new matrices are created from the two positions directly under the paid position.
This creates two independent rows of empty 8 positions (the previous eight positions move up a level to form two new level 3 levels in their respective matrices), which must be filled in order for the matrix to split again.
In this manner, when a newly recruited SUCCESS200 affiliate pays their buy-in fee, they are fed into the bottom of an existing 2×3 matrix. When all eight positions are filled, they move up to the four position level.
When the eight positions below them are filled, they move up to the two position level. And when the eight positions of that matrix are filled, they move up to the two position level, and then again finally to the payment level.
A total of four lots of 8 are required for a SUCCESS200 affiliate to see a return on their 50 USD buy-in. Note that this figure could be slightly less, depending on how many positions are already filled in the first matrix they are placed at the bottom of.
Once a position was paid out on,  SUCCESS200 affiliate will entered into the bottom of another matrixBOARD2. From here the process repeats itself again but the different here was no recruiting required. Recruiting is onBOARD1 ONLY on BOARD 2, 3 and higher was no inviting required, also this is already  FREE. From BOARD2 and higher Board will do the AUTO FILL Process, just wait for your account to exit and get the reward.
One 50 USD position is able to cycle through again and again. (ONE ACCOUNT CAN EXIT IN INFINITE BOARD. AS LONG YOU ARE EXITING THE BOARD, YOU HAVE 200 usd REWARD)

***SUCCESS200 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CORPORATION is a legitimate distribution and manufacturing company. It is NOT AN INVESTMENT COMPANY; we do not sell securities or any guarantees. Earnings or commissions are paid base on the production of sales and distribution of products through our unique compensation plan. There is no guaranteed income only the opportunity to earn through the SUCCESS200 unique compensation plan.