▶▶Worse that the Zombie Apocalypse, a Liberal Apocalypse?!! 3

(Here’s an interesting article written by an observant named Bill from Texas, and here’s the story goes…) I was visiting Australia to meet with some NRAA folks a few months back and thought I would share my discoveries. After my meeting I went to a town called Fitzroy and ordered […]

Now Showing: Kung FURY in VHS-[HD]

Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners. The campaign that was launched in December 2013 […]

▶▶Quick Zombie Survival Guide!

Film and television have become obsessed with Zombies, with Big screen Blockbusters such as World War Z, as well as TV programs including The Walking Dead and Fear the Waking Dead proving to be hugely popular with the public. Many are convinced that a Virus could soon be unleashed upon […]

Emergencies Preparedness, Response Protocol!

  Alert and Response Operations   ➠Information resources ➠Strategic Health Operations Centre (SHOC) WHO continues to track the evolving infectious disease situation, sound the alarm when needed, share expertise, and mount the kind of response needed to protect populations from the consequences of epidemics, whatever and wherever might be their […]

Artificial Intelligence is as dangerous as NUCLEAR WEAPONS!?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to be as dangerous to mankind as nuclear weapons, a leading pioneer of the technology has claimed. Professor Stuart Russell, a computer scientist who has lead research on artificial intelligence, fears humanity might be ‘driving off a cliff’ with the rapid development of AI. He […]

Emergency Response During an Earthquake: Indoor Safety!

If you are inside, stay inside. DO NOT run outside or to other rooms during shaking. In most situations, you will reduce your chance of injury from falling objects and even building collapse if you immediately: DROP down onto your hands and knees before the earthquake knocks you down. This […]

3 Reasons You Need Liability Insurance for Deer Hunting!

    The 2014 hunting season in the state of Pennsylvania was the second safest on record, with only 29 incidents of hunters shooting themselves or others. The only year that was safer with 2013, when 27 incidents were reported. Compare that to the 552 shooting incidents reported in 1960. […]

Vaccination Week in the Americas will Target 60 Million Children and Adults!

The Pan American initiative has reached more than half a billion people over the past 13 years. Its success inspired the creation of World Immunization Week! More than 60 million girls and boys, men and women in 45 countries and territories are expected to get vaccinated against measles, rubella, polio, […]