Prepper World Summit 2016

Prepper World Summit to be Held Next Year from January 16th to the 20th With the Presence of Some of the Most Sought after Experts in the Survival and Prepper Industry

The very first Prepper World Summit will be held next year starting from the 16th to the 20th of January. The hosts of the online summit invite all people to join sixteen of the leading survival and prepping experts across the world. They will be showing participants on how to take their preparedness to another level.

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It is given that the world experiences a lot of disasters that start from the natural calamities to man-made troubles. The online summit is where people can effectively learn on how to make their family safe during and after the disasters.
Some of the prepping and survival experts who will be speaking on the event are as follows:

–Cade Courtley
He will be the first speaker for the first day to cover the SEAL survival with his session. Cade is about to reveal some of the techniques and principles used by the real Navy SEAL that participants can use for life threatening situations.

–Craig Caudill
Another speaker is Craig Caudill who will discuss more about the tactical survival. The session will consist of the different details on various elements that concern the tactical survival. He will also be covering topics dealing with any violent threats by teaching them the right way of defending themselves.

–Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy
These speakers will have a session for building a survival medicine cabinet for both long and short term calamities.

–Greg Schneider
His session will involve home and operational security and how its principles are applicable to the daily life.

–Dave Scott
Wilderness survival tactics and priorities are included in the session of this expert. He will explain the critical aspects in the survival on the wild.

–“Wildman” Steve Brill and ​Violet Brill
Their session will be the identification and the harvest of some of the edible and medicinal plants that prove to be useful when stuck in the wild without the food and medicines.

With this announcement, people who are interested to participate on the summit may visit their website. They may also learn the things that must be done times of emergency.

The Prepper World Summit is the very first summit wherein different speakers with credible years, skills and knowledge prior to the survival will join forces. They will also provide for sessions that discuss the different survival and disaster preparedness lessons.