[Survival Reference]


1. All Hazard Preparedness Workbook
2. Emergency Preparedness Checklist
3. Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months
4. Bug-out List
5. Civil Preparedness Guide (FEMA)
6. Compact Survival Kit
7. How to Prepare in Any Disaster

Family Emergency Plan

1. 48 Skills Kids Should Know (Checklist)
2. Family Disaster Plan
3. Family Emergency Plan Template
4. Family Emergency Handbook
5. Preparing For Disaster For People With Disabilities
6. Preparing Your Pets for Emergency
7. Family Shelter Design

Self-Defense & Tactics

1. Be Your Own Bodyguard
2. Out-of-Home Defense
3. Physical Security
4. Personal Safety
5. Survival Fighting
6. Tactical Ready Guide

Survival Manuals

1. The U.S. Air Force Survival Training Manual
2. Comprehensive Preparedness Manual
3. LDS Preparedness Manual
4. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual
5. Surviving The New World Order
6. Winter Survival Handbook


1. Holy Bible (King James Version)
2. Art of War
3. California/ Mexican Cookbook
4. RedCross Emergency Services
5. Homeland Security Handbook
6. Avoiding of Getting Lost


[Links & Resources]

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